Team Approach

Team Approach

At Ayers Financial we provide you with all of the information to not only help you make informed decisions, but to work with us in creating your financial plan. Together we can utilize the information from your lawyers and accountants, insurance agents and other money managers. It’s the basis of our mission to provide the most trusted advice on your retirement, your planning, your legacy.

Meetings & Implementation

Meetings and Implementation

We ask our clients to invest in their time with us through scheduled conversations with us during the first year, so we can truly understand you, your goals and what is important to you. Both the discovery meeting where we establish your goals, to the implementation meeting where we review your financial plan, data gathering, honest feedback and mutually-agreed-upon action steps are crucial. The final step is to review your tax and estate planning needs. Periodically we’ll measure progress against your individual goals, and annually we review the entire plan together.