Goal Setting

We help our customers make wise decisions about their money based on reasons that are important to them as individuals. We want to work with customers who are able to see an end point and are willing to set milestones and goals to achieve that end.

Who are our clients?

We work best with clients who are willing to engage in a mutual relationship—able to share goals, are easy to engage with and who are interested in the personal touches that come with our family-like approach. As our clients near retirement or encounter other change-of-life situations, they understand the need for a trustworthy advisor on their team that can synthesize the entire financial landscape for them.

We work closely with all of our clients, and many of them are based in the Roanoke area. This allows us to meet face-to-face whenever we can, as well as to be convenient to them.  Our best clients are those who who are goal-minded, who are financial delegators and are able to place the day-to-day management tasks in the trust of our team.