Phases of Financial Planning

Most people understand only a portion of financial planning. It’s our job to help ensure you understand and work toward the most complete picture possible. It’s also where we believe our plans stand out above the rest.

First, working to accumulate wealth. Prior to retirement, a combination of tax strategies and investment strategies are needed to help make sure you know where you are now, and what you need to be putting away for the future.

Second, distributing wealth. After you’ve retired and you’re living on your investments, how are you going to defer taxes and ensure you keep the money you’re entitled to? We will provide a comprehensive review of your assets in order to help ensure that you’re covered. We also work with your attorneys to help ensure all wills, trusts and estates are properly structured to help meet your goals.

Third, planning your legacy. We work a plan to help ensure your beneficiaries aren’t caught between your wishes and the IRS, and that your legacy lasts for generations.